Since 2006, Sawsan Tannoury has faithfully served as publishing director of Dar Manhal al Hayat (DMAH). She has given her heart and soul to DMAH’s vision of seeing the Arab world transformed through a holistic understanding of the Gospel. After 17 years of faithful leadership, she will move on to other opportunities and pass the baton to her steadfast team. To celebrate her long legacy, we’d like to share with you her impact over the years.

Sawsan worked for many years with Trans World Radio and Clarion Publishing House before joining DMAH. She brought both expertise and passion, spending thousands of hours in developing Christian resources that reached the whole MENA region. As the major evangelical publishing house in Lebanon, she took her responsibility seriously and ensured every book published was scripturally-sound. She knew that books should be both content-rich and beautiful, and she meticulously managed the whole publishing journey of book. Notably, DMAH updated the design of books to be more visually appealing and easy-to-read – a practice that many other publishers in the region followed. Recently, Sawsan and the DMAH team received a prestigious MAI Global Award for their “perseverance in creating quality Christian content for the Lebanese people during this period of great economic need and socio-political upheaval in the nation.”