Who We Are


A Bridge of Support for the Global Church

MEBO exists to serve as the US fiscal sponsor and a bridge of support from global believers to the LSESD family of ministries serving the Middle East.

Beginning in the 1950s, the vision and efforts of American missionaries led to the creation of Beirut Baptist School (BBS), the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS), and the Christian publishing house, Dar Manhal al-Hayat (DMAH). After transitioning to Lebanese leadership in the 1990s, this family of ministries has grown to six under the umbrella of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD).

What MEBO is Doing

MEBO is a non-profit organization representing thousands of individual church members who have a passion for helping Christians in Lebanon reach out with the love of Christ to their nation and other nearby countries. This effort is carried out exclusively through a partnership with the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development, who represents multiple Christian ministries based in Lebanon and enacted through local churches. The ministries include a K-12 school, a seminary, a publishing house, refugee and humanitarian programs, a special needs entity, and a children’s camp ministry.
MEBO’s work is led by a volunteer Board of Directors who are dedicated experts from varied professions that maintain fiscal support responsibilities, link with communication efforts and social media to USA churches and members, and serve as a mobilization hub for many to participate each year personally.

What LSESD is Doing

With roots going back to 1955, LSESD is a Lebanese faith-based organization with a holistic focus on inclusive education, relief & development, and equipping the church. With its reach throughout the Middle East & North Africa, LSESD seeks to empower the local Church and serve the local community by:

  • Restoring hope to the vulnerable and marginalized
  • Building bridges with local communities
  • Nurturing servant leaders and responsible citizens