Salt & Light

Matthew 5:13-14

A Multi-track Community Development Ministry

Salt and Light programs are of two kinds – ones that are designed to address the spiritual and humanitarian needs in specific communities and geographic clusters, while others are more seasonal in nature and are implemented in partnership with churches across Lebanon and Syria.

Different Contexts! Different challenges! Equal opportunities.

Activities and Ministry Objectives

Salt and Light’s main objectives revolve around strengthening the influence of local Churches across different regions of Lebanon. S&L aims to empower these congregations, helping them grow in faith and independence, so they can serve their communities and beyond. Additionally, S&L focuses on enhancing Church engagement by organizing various gatherings like home groups, Bible studies, and youth programs. This encourages a deeper understanding of spiritual matters.

S&L also emphasizes community involvement, supporting partner churches and newly established churches to meet practical needs through food and non-food assistance, medical care, education, and vocational training. Lastly, a welcoming space is provided for both newcomers and existing believers to gather and worship together.

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