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Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences

The center for Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences (SKILD) is contributing immensely towards the development of a culture of respect for the rights of students with learning difficulties, as well as their empowerment so that they may become active citizens. By contributing towards any of the following programs, you are supporting the SKILD team as they work towards inclusive educational communities in Lebanon in the midst of the country’s compounded crises. 

This academic year (2022-2023), educational institutions in Lebanon might not be able to operate on ground due to the severe shortages of fuel that the country is facing which is limiting power for more than 20 hours of blackout in some areas. As many essential commodities like medicine and water, fuel is being monopolized and sold in the black market at high rates not affordable to schools or households. 


The educational journey of a child with learning difficulties is full of evaluations, testing, and therapy, which in the absence of state support can be costly for parents with low to middle income. SKILD has been supporting children and youth to receive their specialized support through providing services at subsidized rates and helping schools establish special education units. However, with the financial crisis that Lebanon is going through and the rapid devaluation of the Lebanese Lira, parents are increasingly struggling to meet their children’s special needs.

Support a child’s therapy journey and give:

  • $50 to support one child through a month of individualized special education and therapy sessions
  • $100 to support the assessment of one child
  • $500 to support a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder through a month of behavior modification

Awareness, Capacity Building, and Parental Support

At the forefront of SKILD’s efforts is our desire to raise awareness about the inclusion of children and youth with learning difficulties through seminars, conferences, and events. The team also organizes capacity building workshops for educators, parents, and community members on different special education topics such as differentiated learning, recognizing emotions, and dealing with specific learning difficulties in the classroom. Parents of children with special needs pass through several challenges and their wellbeing is an important part of our work. At SKILD, we have an invigorating support group to help parents deal with such adversities. It is called Parent2Parent and is a comfortable space for parents of special needs children to share their experiences, listen to others, and grow together.

Support us in our outreach and give:

  • $500 towards the production of one online awareness video
  • $1,000 to cover a day of training for schools
  • $3,000 towards a cycle of Parent2Parent activities

Where Needed Most

To support the general ministry of the SKILD


Support equipping our centers and give:

  • $3,000 to help resource the multi-sensory space
  • $7,000 to help resource a self-contained classroom



Recurring gifts can be canceled at any time by contacting us at or by phone at 404-395.2696.

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