Beirut Baptist School

Urban Education Initiative

In one crowded Beirut neighborhood characterized by tall, gray buildings, cluttered sidewalks, and the persistent honking of impatient drivers – if you listen carefully – you can hear the musical laughter of crowds of children drifting over high, protective walls. Nestled there since the 1950s, Beirut Baptist School (BBS) continues to be a beacon of beautiful harmony in a very diverse national community.

The BBS faculty and staff, as well as the student body of 2,000 preschool to secondary students, represent every aspect of Lebanon’s diverse population, and the school is a thriving picture of unity in a region that deeply needs it. The school’s reputation is that of a “lighthouse” in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. It is not uncommon for three generations of one family to have attended the school and many Beirut Baptist School (BBS) teachers are former pupils, dedicated to the academic atmosphere that has shaped and nurtured leaders who now impact every sector of Lebanese society.

Whether through chemistry lab, Bible class, or an afterschool dance program, BBS students are shaped and challenged holistically, and every child is nurtured toward his or her full potential through a school system that leads in inclusive education for special needs students.

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