By Sarah Jennings

From four years old until senior high school graduation, Daniella Daou (Partner Relations Officer at LSESD) walked through the doors of Beirut Baptist School every school day. BBS wasn’t the only ministry that filled her childhood memories. Every summer, BCYM organized a camp for all church children and youth, which she always looked forward to attending after the school year ended. The ABTS guesthouse was also a place where she often came for church retreats, and when the sermons were too difficult for her to understand at a young age, she and her friends would escape to the playground on campus.

Similarly, Habib Atwi (Creative Officer at LSESD) reminisced with us recently, sharing about his childhood on the LSESD campus. He attended BBS from KG2 through grade 12, and he often came after school to play around the ABTS building and throughout the campus gardens with his friends. International students at the seminary often lived in the family building behind the olive grove, and many of their kids became his constant playmates. Even at home, he remembers DMAH books on the shelves.

Usually when we talk about our family of ministries being integrated and holistic, we are referring to the work itself. Yet in the case of Daniella and Habib, it was surprising to hear just how integrated the ministries are in their different memories of growing up at BBS. We’re grateful for the ways this childhood – as well as the influence of their families and churches – helped to shape who they are today. They also shared some stories of BBS teachers who encouraged them.