Virginia Baptists Visited Lebanon in March

“My time in Lebanon was incredible. I was absolutely blown away by every aspect of my experience. The Lebanese Baptists are responding with love, compassion, and excellence to the most needy of their communities in both effective and profoundly beautiful ways. LSESD, with its six branches of work, is perhaps the best run and most effective faith-based organization I have ever worked with. They are extremely professional, organized, and efficient while still leading with warmth and grace. God is doing amazing things here with these people. Lebanon itself is stunning; the landscape dramatic, moving, and breath-taking. The geo-politics and socio-economic structures of the country show how complex our world is, but seeing Lebanese Baptists engage boldly with their context is nothing short of inspiring. Our team was so incredibly well taken care of and looked after. I never once felt unsafe, even in the chaos that is Beirut traffic! I cannot recommend strongly enough a visit to Lebanon and LSESD. Seeing God’s work there will change you and inspire you.”

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