David McMillan

The lead of Review Team and ABTS Board Member

I was privileged to be a participant at the Loving God and Neighbour conference which was a time of great blessing and inspiration. Along with nine others I had the additional privilege of being invited to be part of a listening, or review team with the task of contributing to Thimar’s review of strategic priorities for the next stage of ministry. This created the challenge to listen, not only to the speakers and panellists, but also to friends and supporters who shared their experiences of working in partnership with Thimar. 

There was a deep appreciation of the humility of the leadership of Thimar who, with all their expertise and experience, truly value the fellowship and input of partners and supporters in discerning the will of God for future ministry. For many people there was a sense of awe, or amazement, at what Thimar, in all its various forms, manages to deliver, despite the enormous economic, social and political difficulties in Lebanon. The evidence of self-sacrifice in the service of others was humbling and the sight of so many gifted young staff involved in Thimar inspired a real sense of anticipation of future possibilities.

One of the features of Thimar has been the capacity to see and seize the opportunities in each upheaval within the region and once again they find themselves, as do all Lebanese, thrust into another period of uncertainty and possible jeopardy, due to events in Israel and Gaza. No matter how the developing war unfolds in the days to come, there will be ramifications for the church in Lebanon and the wider region. Thimar and the church across the Middle East will need our prayers and ongoing support.