The stated purpose of our blog is to “provide theological reflections by ABTS voices about pressing matters of faith and witness in the Middle East and beyond.” There is no shortage of high-quality theological reflections on pressing matters of faith and witness around the globe. We read a lot, and we learn a lot. We are grateful for the many voices that help us think biblically and theologically about what is taking place in our world, especially those voices that come from a context different from ours. They help us appreciate how other faithful followers of Christ, far and near, understand, experience, and live out their faith in a changing world.

Our blog, conversely, is our opportunity to present to the global Church commentary on issues of our region (recent examples: local reflections on faith in politics and nationalism, and a regional reflection on the Nile dispute). It is our opportunity to provide a Middle Eastern perspective on many contemporary issues of the world (recent examples: commenting on the COVID-19 vaccine and speaking truth to power). It is a platform for us to express our emotions, to articulate our prayers and praises, and to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness (recent examples: a reflection on the first anniversary of the Beirut blast, a prayer, and battling to find joy in Lebanon today). It is also a platform to explore theological issues and their practical implications (recent examples: thoughts on movemental ecclesiology and mission in the Muslim world), including bold arguments that provoke thinking (a recent example on using ‘Isa in Bible translations and our two highest read posts of all time on wishing Muslims a blessed Ramadan and whether Allah is God).

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