Help get them their monthly food

It has been nine years. Nine years of crisis in Syria. Nine years of displacements. We hear more and more people say, “It is safer now; why don’t they go back? Even if we give them food today, they will still need food tomorrow”. Precisely! They will still need food tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Just like we all need God’s sustaining grace day after day, they need our renewed support month after month.


Month after month, they need food
Imagine you have to leave your wartorn hometown for what you think will only be a couple of months. You cannot take much. You seek refuge in another city or in a neighboring country. You cannot work or, if you can, very precariously. You still have a little bit of savings on which you live for a couple of months. Months turn into years as you watch your savings disappear and your debt grows. You have no choice: you send your children to work or there won’t be any food on the table this month.

This is the sad reality that many displaced families in the Middle East are experiencing.

As discouraging as it seems to keep supporting them with food, they still need help to feed their children every month. Just like we all need God’s sustaining grace and wisdom in our lives every day.

Month after month, God is faithful
God gives us all that we need and much more. In turn, we want to give back to the most destitute around us, so they can rest assured that even though it seems dark all around them, God has not forgotten them. This is why we work through churches who, by providing unconditional assistance, are living witnesses of God’s love for all. The food boxes or vouchers they distribute to around 4,000 families are monthly reminders that indeed, God is faithful. And the assistance has a transforming impact, sometimes even enabling families to send their children to school again.

This month, you can let God use you to give displaced families their monthly food by donating to our monthly food security projects.

Communications Manager | MERATH

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