By Elias Ghazal

The situation in Lebanon is heartbreaking. Much has already been written about the catastrophe facing people in Lebanon. The most devastating fact about the crisis is that it is self-inflicted. Lebanon is on a course of self-destruction, and if it continues down this path unabated, the country will descend into violence and chaos. This is not pessimism, and certainly not exercising a prophetic gift. This is simply political analysis.

The Lebanese scenario is devastating, but if we look around, it is not dissimilar from what is happening in Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Algeria and other neighboring countries. Corrupt leaders usurp state resources and use their political positions to entrench themselves in power. People are left at the mercy of a greedy and pitiless establishment. It appears that unless people confront their rulers and challenge the status quo, they will continue to suffer until change is enforced from outside, and often at a high cost.

As disciples of Jesus, what are we to do? Pray? Keep quiet? Protest? Revolt? Prepare for war? Raise awareness? Emigrate? Do relief work? Engage in politics? Boycott politics? Strengthen the social fabric of society? Lobby external patrons to intervene? Wait for a regional settlement? Write a distressing blog post? The options are endless, and situations vary from one person to another. So, where do we go from here?

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