Hope Church Glassgow, UK

Ruth Jack Testimonials:
Here are two photos from our time at the church in Fanar. It was a really wonderful experience meeting and ministering to the women in this church. We particularly loved hearing their stories, and listening to the amazing ways that God is working in their lives. We felt privileged to be there even for a short while, and wished we had much longer!

The food in Lebanon is absolutely fabulous, and we ate like kings! We also shared some wonderful fellowship over food everywhere we went, including our trip to the Bekaa Valley, and with the other visitors from Bavaria. I’ve also always been privileged to spend an evening being hosted by Nabil and Alia, a real treat and experience that I relish every time. Nabil is such a charismatic host and makes everyone feel welcome and special.

Visiting the True Vine Church in the Bekaa Valley is my favourite thing to do when I come to Lebanon. It’s a very special place because God is doing an incredible work there, and I’ve seen this grow every time I’ve visited. The church reaches out to the refugees in a very practical way that is fantastic, and they are truly the hands and feet of Jesus. But they also share the love of Jesus with them through worship and scripture. I love it!

Lebanon is a land of huge Biblical and historical significance. There are ancient remains from Roman and Crusader times everywhere, and when you visit Tyre, Sidon, and the Bekaa Valley you are struck by the incredible thought that you are walking in places mentioned many times in the Bible, and places that Jesus himself visited.

Our primary reason for visiting Lebanon is to see the work that LSESD and the Lebanese church are doing with the Syrian and Iraqi refugees. This is a real privilege, and always inspiring and challenging. Every time I’ve been on a trip I’ve been able to visit the home of a refugee family – whether that’s in a tent, or a small cramped room, or indeed in an unused cattle shed! There is nothing quite like sitting with a refugee family and hearing their story to help you understand just how brutal the Syrian war is, or how amazing our God is!

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