Some Of Our New Integrated Theology Program Students Tell Their Stories


The unbelieving Pharisees had asked the blind man whom Jesus had healed to give the glory to God by telling the truth. Although he did not fully understand who Jesus was at that moment, he knew one thing: “I was blind but now I see!” Do we ever run out of stories of God’s extraordinary encounters with ordinary individuals? Some are out there for the world to marvel, and many are yet veiled beneath fears of the looming consequences. But these people share one thing in common, the power of Christ has irreversibly changed them.

Mohamed | Bahraini living in Bahrain

When I was 16, my grandma died, so when I got my driver’s license, I would often visit her grave. One day, I decided to visit a church by the cemetery and ask about Christ. The priest was uncooperative, but upon insisting, he gave me a booklet to read. That day, I knelt at the altar and prayed to Jesus, “If You are real, please don’t let me be misled, because I came to You, and no one helped me.” I was at a party when I was reminded of my prayer. A friend asked me to read a phone conversation about Christ that she was having with a scholar in religious studies, so I reached out to her and she taught me about Christ and connected me with believers in Bahrain. Later, I accepted Christ as Savior. I currently serve with my home group through outreach and discipleship with a vision of serving the growth of the Church in Bahrain, so I decided to study theology to grow in my faith and understanding of God’s word.

Mariana | Egyptian living in Lebanon

During my teenage years, the youth at church were going through a fifteen-day Bible study series. Every day, we would discuss a biblical character whose life changed upon encountering Christ. By the end of this Bible study series, I had decided to follow Christ with all my heart and to be His witness. But, a while later, I decided to step away from the ministry. I wanted to gain control over my life and make all my dreams come true, but I was dry on the inside. I realized that my place was close to God. Two years ago, the Lord called me and my husband to come to Lebanon and serve those who are far from Christ. I decided to study theology because I felt the need to study God’s word more deeply and to develop my ministry.