Go on a Virtual Missions Trip!

Curious about what ministry in the Middle East looks like these days? Take a virtual missions trip with us! Many churches have had missions trips cancelled or postponed. Travel these days may be challenging or impossible, so we’re offering a unique opportunity: connect with one of our ministry leaders and learn more through an engaging live interaction.

Learn about How God worked in the Lebanese Church in a context of racial and ethnic strife. Our friends in Lebanon have perhaps the most unique lens, from a history of sectarianism, civil war, protest and societal unrest, from which to see the racial issues in this hour with unique compassion. They have been down this road… and they can encourage us in this moment.

The history God is writing in Lebanon with the renewed vitality of the church, growth among majority background refugees, the breaking down of barriers between Sunni, Shia and Christian… is a story that can give us all hope. It was and remains a context of great suffering and intense strife but the Middle Eastern church is flourishing. 

Many small groups, Sunday School classes, mission teams and church staff groups have already connected with LSESD/MEBO ministry leaders in Lebanon over Zoom calls, prayed and encouraged one another with what God is doing in the Middle East in a time of uncertainty. If your staff, a class or other group would like to learn more about refugee ministry, the incredible growth of the Arab church, education (special needs, theological or secondary) in the Middle East, or youth ministry in the region, we can connect you with a ministry leader for a virtual interactive session. Please email us at:  partnerrelations@lsesd.org and let us know when you’d like to set up your virtual missions trip!

Watch this video for more info on what ministry is like in the Middle East right now:

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