By Ghina Saad & Sarah Jennings

Nestled in hills just a few miles from the biblical city of Sidon, Maghdouché is a small village known for its Greek Catholic heritage. Pilgrims come from all over Lebanon to visit its famous shrine to the Virgin Mary.

The community is devout, but Christian evangelicals tend to keep their distance. Over the years, cultural missteps and differing values have escalated to deep hurt. Not to mention, Lebanon’s complicated history of religion mixed with politics means that most religious groups keep to themselves. Sometimes the relationship was marked by tolerance, more often by avoidance.

So when a local parish in Maghdouche called LSESD, we were both surprised and overjoyed.

“Can you give us a training for the youth? We want to be part of how you’re teaching the Bible.”

On May 2, BCYM (Baptist Children and Youth Ministry) led a children’s event for over 170 children! Invited by MIDADE Maghdouche and Abouna Chady, our team had the privilege to spend the day singing hymns, sharing Bible stories, crafting, and enjoying lunch with the community.