Finding Joy in a Miserable Land: Reflections on Living Morning to Morning in Lebanon

It was a wonderful sunny day. I woke up, had my morning coffee, got dressed, and filled my car with gas on the way to work. Later in the evening, I enjoyed shopping at the nearby mall and got some food items from the supermarket. This was two years ago. Things are different today. There is no coffee in the morning since prolonged electricity cuts mean no power to run the coffee machine. It also means no Wi-Fi and no elevator (I live on the 6th floor!). Today, like many others in Lebanon, I need to wait for at least an hour before I can put around 5 gallons of gas in my car. With prices skyrocketing due to inflation, one no longer enjoys going to the mall or the supermarket but rather shopping becomes an ordeal. The problems in Lebanon are numerous and the solutions… well it seems that world peace is more attainable.

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