By Brent Hamoud 

Dear Woman,

This is Man. I’m writing to inform you of a very serious problem. Whether you admit it or not, you’re the main culprit in a severe crisis complicating a person’s entire sense of place and belonging in the world. Woman, you have a nationality problem.

This message is not light and fluffy, but when should hard truths ever be delivered softly? Please lend your full attention. There’s a bigger mess on our hands than you’ve ever bothered to realize, and I sincerely pray my God-given wisdoms will be used to expose the darkness of your ignorance to spark some degree of understanding about a humanitarian predicament.

In countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and far too many other nation-states, you women do not give nationality to your children. This is deeply troubling; it’s not at all consistent with your nature! Mothers do so much to diligently carry babies through uncomfortable months of pregnancy, endure pangs of labor, and tenderly nurse infants at all hours of the day. Such reproductive heroism is to be lauded- it’s actually essential to womanly godliness- but everything is undermined by your unwillingness to then reproduce nationality.

Do you realize, my sister, what you do every time you do not give nationality to your children? Do you not see how your negligence can set our little ones on a lifetime of complications, awkwardness, and even oppression?

Nationality is utterly necessary. It tells the world who we are and where we belong. Problems of nationality affect all areas of life and strike at the very heart of what it means to be a person.

And PLEASE don’t try to claim that this is only a problem for some women in some countries. Solidarity must never be scorned! Isn’t a shortcoming of women anywhere a shortcoming of women everywhere?

Lady, focus well because what I will communicate is quite technical. I don’t mean to overload your mind, but I must convey the gravity of the situation at hand. We’re dealing with a consequential matter, any extra effort you can muster towards increasing your understanding is warranted.