Marian Choueifati

As a Christian publishing house in the Arab world, what does it mean to equip the church? Beyond stacking church libraries with books, how can we help the church in raising a new generation of believers amidst rising challenges and hindrances? Strengthening the witness of the church, like equipping Sunday school teachers, not only with physical resources but with skills and new approaches, is vital. More importantly, creating a community of Sunday school teachers and Christian educators is crucial for the sustainability of children’s ministries in Lebanon and the region. 

On Saturday the 3rd of February, Dar Manhal al Hayat (DMAH) hosted a training event to launch the Arabic translation of French author and children’s pastor Matthieu Perraud’s book “La Bible expliquée pour les enfants”. Perraud’s book includes a collection of 60 object lesson ideas, ready for teachers to use. More than 70 Christian educators from 20 different Christian organizations, schools and churches were appreciated for their crucial role in bringing the children they serve to faith and resourced with new ideas for their classrooms.  

We recognize that children learn in different ways, some prefer auditory methods, while others prefer visual or even tactile. Therefore, diversifying our teaching methods and strategies is essential for all children to comprehend and internalize biblical values and principles from a young age Perraud warned the teachers not to overload children with information, instead, focusing on conveying one biblical lesson, value or truth, taking into consideration the attention span of each age range. The training stressed the importance of bringing Bible lessons to life through tangible and relatable demonstrations for children to appreciate and apply. By incorporating physical props and visual aids, these lessons bridge the gap between the concrete and the abstract, making spiritual truths more accessible and memorable. This method mirrors Jesus Christ’s use of parables and everyday objects in His teachings to convey complex theological ideas in a manner that was understandable to His audience. As Christian educators not only is it our job to point children to Jesus, but to hold their hands and lead them to him.