Calne Baptist Church – UK

I’m a Baptist Minister in the UK and had visited Lebanon twice before. I wanted others from my church to have an experience of what God is up to in Lebanon. It is like seeing the book of Acts played out in front of your very eyes. In the midst of war in Syria and continued troubles in Israel, part of the Lebanese church has been transformed by the amazing love God has given them for the other (the Muslim and the refugee). Many Lebanese have their own personal stories of working through the issue of forgiveness and many refugees have stories of visions and dreams and coming to faith in Jesus Christ through the love they have been shown by the church.

The accommodations at ABTS are comfortable and LSESD provides the most amazing hospitality. We were well looked after throughout our time, not wanting for anything and never did we feel in any way unsafe.

God is doing awesome things in Lebanon and my experience continues to inspire me in my ministry back home. I have many stories to tell of how God transforms people’s lives in the most amazing way. I have a bigger picture and understanding of God and His calling on my life. As we step forward in faith here in the UK, I am reminded of the many risks God’s people have taken in Lebanon and how God is blessing all they do in His name. I am now one of God’s risk takers too!

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