ABTS Hosts Prayer Meeting for Lebanon

.sidebar .widget .menu-blog-side-menu-containerIf the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, how much more does it avail when many brothers and sisters in Christ, from different churches, denominations and nationalities, gather together in one place and in one spirit to lift a prayer of faith and supplication to God for Lebanon’s sake? The prayer meeting hosted by the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary on the eve of Sunday, October 29 at Fawwaz Omeish Hall was a real blessing; people were worshipping freely, repenting and lifting their hands before God, pouring their hearts out in genuine prayers asking God to heal their broken land. Following the recent sad events the country has been witnessing and the instability that is shaking security and peace, Christians were reminded of their role and responsibility and the necessity of never ceasing prayer and repentance.

ABTS readily offers its facilities to host this kind of events where the name of Christ is lifted and glorified. Serving the community and being an agent of change and transformation are at the core of its mission. This spirit is cultivated in ABTS students who also joined the gathering to pray for Lebanon and their wounded Arab countries as well.

The presence of God filled the place moving the hearts, comforting, strengthening and healing

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