Before the war, life was normal and easy. There was safety and we didn’t need anything. We lived in our own houses and didn’t have to pay rent. Soon enough after the beginning of the Syrian war, the conflict expanded to our area and our houses got destroyed.

Most of my children and I fled to Lebanon in 2014, leaving behind my husband who was too old to travel and a few of our children. I haven’t seen them since. We came by car to the border and then crossed the mountains walking because the border was already closed. We settled in this camp and built our tent with wood and tarps provided by the UN. We are five people in this room and three people sleep in the nearby room.

Life in the camp is becoming increasingly unbearable. These days, we can only eat once a day, but we thank God. Most days we can only eat bread and tea. But it is hard to find bread at the bakery nowadays. Even if some is available, they don’t want to sell it to us Syrians.