Kings and Queens of Our Hearts

By Maria Jabbour

May 30, 2024

I felt the excitement in the air as I entered the Middle East University on the evening of May 15 for the sixth annual Night to Shine event hosted by SKILD-Center, a ministry of Thimar-LSESD. The event aimed to provide an unforgettable prom experience for people with special needs ages 14 years and older. It centered on God’s boundless love and acceptance and making the guests feel like royalties for the night. Every year, churches and organizations around the world host the event, which is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. 

Volunteers greeted attendees with warm smiles as they entered the venue. Each special guest was paired with a buddy, and I was honored to be George’s buddy for the evening. As George greeted me, he shared his interests with me, particularly his love for working as a waiter at Agonist Café, a Lebanese coffee franchise that employs people with special needs and was one of the sponsors of the event. His passion for working as a waiter shows through his dedication to serving others. Beyond his work, George has a love for dancing that adds an extra layer of joy and liveliness to his personality. Together at the event, George and I stopped by the crafts area where we collaborated on creating a personalized star bearing his name. After that, his star was presented on a display for everyone to see. It was a simple yet powerful gesture that made each guest feel valued and celebrated.