Enjoy some insights from some of our cherished partners – many of which have participated in Vision Trips with us.

Contemplating the Middle East Consultation, 2016: “Amidst the religious, cultural, and political complexities of the situation in the Middle East, as Christ’s body we are simply called to love and show hospitality. It lifted my spirits to hear examples of this radical love and hospitality shown by Arab believers. So often the situation of the Middle East seems beyond repair, yet they continued to speak of hope.”

– Julia Wallace, graduate student in the Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work program at Baylor School of Social Work and Baylor’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas. She participated in ABTS’ 2016 Middle East Consultation, and a Vision Trip in summer, 2016.

“LSESD serves from a whole person perspective, directing organizational programs toward physical, intellectual, linguistic, and special education needs. Many organizations meet different needs, but at LSESD we observe a uniquely systematic, integrative approach.”

– Dr. Carolyn Bishop is the President of the Consortium for Global Education, serves on MEBO’s Board of Trustees, and has made countless trips to Lebanon bringing qualified U.S. faculty to enhance LSESD’s education services.

“Jesus is not just God within the walls of our churches or the borders of our country. South City Church has brothers and sisters in Lebanon. We never think about that, but the church in Lebanon is our responsibility.”

– Rev. Dr. Mike Higgins is Senior Pastor of South City Church in St. Louis, Missouri, Dean of Students at Covenant Theological Seminary, and a retired U.S. Army colonel. He participated in a Vision Trip to Lebanon in spring, 2016.

Reflecting on her 2016 Vision Trip to Lebanon: “I delight to be a part of God’s church, this global church.  The center is not in any geographic area.  The center is Christ.  As far as the risks I took in going—they were balanced out by the opportunities that awaited me there, and the way my horizons have been broadened.”

– Laurel Stevens is an educator, wife, and mother. She is a member of Grace Presbyterian Church in The Woodlands, Texas, where she serves on the Missions Leadership Team. She participated in a Vision Trip to Lebanon in spring, 2016.

“As you enter into relationship with people, there’s a deeper responsibility. The riskiest thing about going to Lebanon is that you’re going develop relationships with people that have consequences!! Now you have a deep love for a particular people and a particular place, and what happens to them matters to you.”

– Rev. Todd Crusey is the Pastor of Community Life at Grace Presbyterian Church in The Woodlands, Texas. Rev. Crusey participated in a Vision Trip to Lebanon in 2016.