MEBO Monthly Prayer Focus is your opportunity to pray for the work of God’s kingdom in Lebanon and the Middle East. Every month we provide you with prayer points for each of our ministries so that you can pray with insight. Please use this resource to pray with your church, small group, friends, or alone in your quiet time. Thank you for joining us in prayer this month!

MEBO November Prayer Focus


• Lebanon is in the midst of a political upheaval. Please pray that the efforts of the Lebanese people will not be in vain.
• Pray for wisdom for those in authority so that they may make decisions for the common good.
• Pray for the stability of the country.
•For more information on this situation please go to

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

• Pray for a fruitful academic year for the students.
• Pray for provision for the ABTS students and their families.
• For further ABTS prayer requests, please visit:

Beirut Baptist School

• Pray for the protection of Lebanon, trusting the Lord as our Shepherd.
• Pray for our leadership that God may give them vision/wisdom and courage.
• Pray for God’s guidance and direction.
• Pray for the safety and security of our learners, educators, staff and parents.
• Pray for many to hear the word of God and reach repentance.
• Pray that the school may remain a light till the end of age.

Baptist Children and Youth Ministry

• Pray for our planning for next year’s camps. That we may help us reach out to more kids and lead them to Christ.
• Pray that God may lead more people to realize the importance of this ministry with kids.
• Pray for our follow-up programs
• Pray for us as a team to work together towards developing more programs for BCYM.

Dar Manhal al-Hayat

• Please give thanks for the freedom to worship that exists in Lebanon and pray that the country will continue to be a gateway to the Middle East and North Africa for all that God wants to accomplish.

Middle East Revive and Thrive

• Pray for a warm winter. Last winter, intense storms, heavy rain, and snowfall leading to floods, and freezing temperatures severely affected numerous families in Lebanon and Syria. Please pray with us that the coming winter will be more lenient and that we will have the funds to provide winterization supplies.

Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences

• Please pray for the SKILD teams supporting inclusion and quality education in public schools for children with learning difficulties. As public schools are scheduled to reopen, the SKILD team with provide special education for children with special needs in preschool and elementary classes, as well as provide capacity building workshops for educators.


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