The center for Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences (SKILD) is contributing immensely towards the development of a culture of respect for the rights of students with learning difficulties, and their empowerment that they may become active citizens. By contributing towards any of the following projects, you’re supporting SKILD team and Center as they work towards inclusive educational communities in Lebanon:

Night to Shine | $10,000 An unforgettable prom experience for teenagers with special needs centered on God’s love in collaboration with the Tim Tebow Foundation. On February 7, the world will come together to celebrate individuals with special needs as they walk down the red carpet and enjoy the royal treatment. Help us crown our special guests as kings and queens of their prom night because they are royalty in God’s eyes too.

Assessment Resources | $3,000 for a room of new equipment
Resource the SKILD (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences) Center with necessary assessment batteries, educational tools, and supplies.

Awareness Raising | $30,000 – National Workshops/Training/Professional Development Seminars
Provide specialized training and professional development for educators and parents of special needs children in Lebanon, complementing the work done by the SKILD Center.

Special Education Public Schools – Afternoon Shift | $43,000/school
Equip SKILD (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences) to provide appropriate social, emotional, and academic support to at-risk students in Lebanon’s public schools. For the afternoon school shift, this is primarily psychosocial support for vulnerable public school students from mainly Syrian or Iraqi refugee backgrounds who have lived through conflict and war.

Special Education Public Schools – Morning Shift | $50,000/school
Help SKILD provide appropriate social, emotional, and academic support to at-risk Lebanese students in Lebanon’s public schools.

Subsidies |  $1,000 for 1 Child/Family
Your support will enable the SKILD (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences) Center to provide subsidized services that help families pursue Individualized Education Programs [IEP] for their children. Often, the required specialized evaluation, testing, therapy, and tutoring is costly, and SKILD needs the resources to off-set these fees in special cases.

Summer Education Program |  $500 Supports 1 Child for 5 Weeks
Help vulnerable children with special needs by resourcing a five-week, non-residential summer camp full of fun activities and with an inclusive learning environment in which they can thrive.

Research and Publications |  $5 Distributing 1 Book
Enable SKILD to initiate special needs research and commission publications to encourage awareness and engagement with the issue in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Church-Based Services |  $1,500 – $5,000 Covers 1 Day Training of 100 People
Help raise awareness of learning difficulties among churches in Lebanon, so they can support local families who have children with special needs.

Capacity Building |  $150 – $1,000 for 1 Person to Attend Training
Resource training of SKILD staff in new approaches for teaching special education to Lebanese students which they can pass onto the schools they are helping and benefit those teaching vulnerable refugee children.

Where Needed Most
To support the general ministry expenses of the SKILD (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences).

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