Equipping the Church and serving society are part of God’s overall mission to redeem and restore all creation. God calls the Church to be an agent of transformation in the world. Those who are blessed are called to share the blessing with others. This includes the blessing of future hope in eternal life through Jesus Christ, but also current hope that is transmitted through acts of love and mercy.

LSESD works with and through local churches and community-based organizations so that they may be able to respond to current and emergent needs within their vicinity and beyond. As an organization focused on Lebanon and the MENA region, we work in geographic areas stricken by war and conflicts, exclusion and marginalization, and, as a result, vulnerability, pain, suffering, hopelessness, and despair. With your support LSESD can persevere in its mission of planting seeds of hope.  

COVID-19 Emergency Food Support | $12.50/household/day; $150/household/2 weeks

In response to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Lebanon, LSESD expanded its emergency response to include reaching out to infected individuals and families, identifying their needs, praying for them, and providing those who do not have anyone to care for them with daily nutritious meals delivered to their doorsteps.  On average, each household is being supported for a period of two weeks until their recovery. The impact of this ministry of presence has been tremendous.  You, too, can be involved through prayer and by helping us sustain this ministry.

Emergent Needs

For over a year now, LSESD has been constantly addressing new and emergent needs resulting from the compounded crises facing Lebanon. Each has left its toll on vulnerable families and individuals. With your support LSESD will have the flexibility to respond appropriately to new and emergent needs in a timely manner that encourages affected families and offers hope.

Ministry Sustainability

Today, the staff of the LSESD family of ministries are themselves members of the same population that is struggling with the devaluation of more than 85% of the local currency and the unprecedented hyperinflation in prices. With your support, LSESD will be able to stand by and sustain its staff and their families as they, in turn, support local churches and communities.

General Support

Enable the LSESD to continue pursuing its mission of strengthening the witness of the Church in Lebanon and the Arab World by supporting the general ministry.


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