In Lebanon, around 70% of students attend private schools. These schools play a vital social role beside an under-funded and under-resourced public education sector. The success of Lebanese education, as a whole, is tied to the success of its private schools.

Beirut Baptist School (BBS) works passionately and professionally to prepare the students in mind, body, and spirit to meet the challenges of the world around them. Today in Lebanon, challenges abound. With the continual devaluation of the Lebanese Lira, families are struggling to keep their children in school and BBS is struggling to maintain its operational costs, including paying teachers’ salaries and purchasing necessary school supplies. These costs have only been exacerbated by the transition to hybrid/online education, which has required additional investments in infrastructure and technology.

By contributing towards any of the following projects, not only are you investing in the lives of students and the Christian witness of the school, but you are investing in the future of Lebanon.

Financial Aid/Tuition Subsidies – $400/student

A gift toward financial aid/tuition subsidies would directly help students, their families, and the school by 1) allowing students to remain in school, 2) reducing the financial stress of families, and 3) ensuring that BBS is able to pay operational costs, including teacher and staff salaries.

Tablets – $200/person

Remote learning has revealed gaps in equitable access to technology among our students and teachers. $200/person will allow us to assist a child or teacher with accessing the technology they need to effectively learn and teach as hybrid and online teaching continues in Lebanon.

Where Needed Most
To support the general ministry expenses of Beirut Baptist School (BBS).

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