The Bible says that the whispered prayers of God’s children are effective to bring about change. Prayer is a discipline and a pleasure. It is a true and enduring service, and its impact is far-reaching. Prayer is a very real way to intervene on behalf of the vulnerable and marginalized, to help uphold those serving and to align our hearts with God’s heart.

We want to equip you to pray strategically for our partners in Lebanon.

MEBO Monthly Prayer Focus

Throughout the summer months, pray strategically for:

Each fall, we encourage you to pray for the educational expressions of ministry in Lebanon:

In the winter, intercede on behalf of:

  • Refugees and other families who are vulnerable to flooding, snow, freezing temperatures, and increased illnesses
  • The publishing team at Dar Manhal al-Hayat (DMAH) as they decide what resources to translate and publish for the Arabic world in the coming year
  • Christmas outreach programs across Lebanon with Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM)

As spring arrives, pray about the needs of:

  • ABTS students as they plan and prepare for summer ministry or post-graduation transitions to service around the Arab world
  • The advocacy efforts of SKILD, especially through the ground-breaking National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties in Lebanon

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